Chicco Bravo VS Babytrend Car Seat Review 2020

The Chicco Bravo VS Babytrend review for 2020

In this article, we will be discussing the difference between the Chicco Bravo VS Babytrend car seat review 2020. When it comes to choosing a product for your little one, the more care you give the better. Baby car seats are becoming an essential and crucial part of our daily lives especially for people who travel a lot. As more and more options appear in the market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to pick the right product that fits your needs perfectly.

There are so many features to understand. So many aspects to explore the product. Different sources describe the features in a confused tone making it difficult to understand and choose from. Furthermore, different customers have different preferences when selecting a product.

Some people are concerned about safety certifications while others look for a tailored product available at a reasonable cost. In this category of baby seats, we will be comparing two very famous competitors, Babytrend vs Chicco car seats to see which one wins over the other. Let’s see how they match up against each other in different aspects.

The Recommended Weight Limitations

Chicco secures baby from 4 to 30 pounds. The product’s height is between 5 inches and 30 inches. Babytrend is between 10 inches and 32 inches and offers safe handling of a baby weighing between 4 pounds to 35 pounds. It may be noted here that these products can be used for growing babies as babies gain weight and height rapidly over the first 1-2 years of life.

While Babytrend covers slightly more maximum limit, it may be noted that its size is also slightly bigger. But still, here the verdict of Babytend vs Chicco car seats comes in favor of the latter. Also, none of the companies offer a direct age-related limitation, you can use both the products for your growing baby until the weight matches the upper limit.

It is not recommended to use the baby seats for babies over the weight limit as it can result in the breakage of the product ultimately putting your little one at risk. Also, weight recommendations differ slightly from product to product but mostly range under the beforementioned values.


No matter what category the product belongs to, it is extremely important to check the cost-effectiveness of the item being purchased. And the best assessment tool is an independent, customer feedback found on different baby care forums on the internet. Long term article reviews help us to decide which product is more reliable at less cost.

Now in our comparison of Chicco vs Babytrend, most of the Chicco Bravo seats come under a price range of 170-250$. More or less the price falls around this range and differs slightly. It is important to know that buying products on deals significantly save you money while quality is not compromised.

As per customer feedback, the Chicco baby seats are reliable and buyers are generally satisfied with this price. In comparison, the Babytrend costs around 90-150$ on most retailers. Customers here are also equally satisfied, although the volume of buyers is less as compared to Chicco satisfaction is assuring that the quality of the product is excellent.

So, in terms of feedback and cost-effectiveness, Babytrend is slightly better than Chicco because of its similar competitive features in less price.

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Certifications Ensuring Safety

In this category of Chicco vs Babytrend picking a winner is a tough decision. The Chicco offers JPMA Certifications. While the Babytrend offers a different set of certifications that include Meets FMVSS 213 and Meets CPSC Standards.

Both offers Meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Meets ASTM Standards. These certifications may not be familiar to every user. So instead of explaining each certification separately, let’s take a general look at what they offer. The Chicco with its safety certifications relies on authentic sources, ensuring no compromise on safety.

While Babytrend has more certifications in number it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better than Chicco. Rather the certifications are comparatively less recognized but still, customer feedback suggests that the performance of the product as per its certifications is up to the mark. So, we’ll say here that it’s a tie between the two.

One thing important to note that some certifications may vary from product to product and some are region-dependent. But overall as a general overview, both are equally safe and worth buying.

I hope you are finding value in this Babytrend vs Chicco Bravo car seat review 2020!

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Let’s get into the depth review of features offered by both of these products. The Chicco Bravo is extremely easy to install, quality of manufacturing is high end and customer feedback is very positive in terms of safety of the baby. It has a recline-sure leveling foot for adjustment of its level.

It has two ride-right bubble level indicators that enable users to identify and achieve a safe angle in the back seat of the car. It has latch-connectors as well. Also present is an adjustable tightener for a secure fit of the baby in the seat. This ensures adequate safety while driving on a bumpy road or taking sharp turns.

Moreover, the locking seat belt is also super easy to use and completely safe for the baby. The Chicco Bravo also has a smooth undersurface to protect the seat covers. It also has a removable head and body support ideal for very small babies weighing around 4 pounds. Small-sized babies are better handled here.

The foam is also comfortable and absorbs energy in case of an impact. The canopy is also removable to allow sunlight to reach the surface of the baby when desired. The Chicco has compatible strollers easy to fit and remove as needed.

As far as the Babytrend is concerned, it has a comfortable foam that protects the head from side to side impact by absorbing energy. The safety of the baby is ensured. It has four recline positions for adjustment as desired. The latch connectors are also present.

The seat release mechanism is very smooth. Also present here is an adjustable wide canopy. Some features are missing here but the essential ones have been incorporated.

So, it’s easy to see that in terms of features the Chicco has an edge over the Babytrend because of more adjustable options, better undersurface to protect seat covers and a better body support design making Chicco a justifiable winner in this segment.


The cons of any products depend on what their competitors are offering and they are missing. It is a continuous process and ensures the introduction of newer, more advanced features in products very now and then. This is the very reason that drives the research and development department in every product brand.

With new more comforting features being introduced everyday cons are decreasing. Chicco has a comparatively greater cost while Babytrend offers less adjustable features. Certifications on Babytrend are more in number but on Chicco, the ones present are more reliable.

So, it’s not a hard and fast rule to declare one completely better than the other except for seeing it oneself which suites better the demands we have for the product.

Highlights of Chicco Bravo vs Babytrend: What to buy?

Highlighting features of Chicco Bravo include latch compatibility for easy managing, machine-washable seat pad for durability and a good reputation on top of reliable features.

The positive customer feedback makes it a good choice to consider while buying a baby seat. The easy installation is also an edge in this product. It is generally more adjustable in terms of removable parts like head support or canopy. This adjustability is preferred by most buyers. Chicco Bravo car seats have a one-pull tightener with strollers for safe travel. All these features make it worthy of buying as long as the cost is not a limitation.

On the other hand, the Babytrend has got some essential features one can rely on in terms of the safety of the children. It has a machine-washable seat pad for easy cleaning, no-rethread harness for easy installation and is also latch compatible for easy usability. It has an additional feature of being compatible with Snap Gear and Snap Tech products which can be helpful to some users.

The wide canopy is also present here. The foam is an energy-absorbing in both the products as it is very important to not use any other products then this for making the foaming because in case of an accident the impact can only be prevented by the use of these foams thus keeping the body and head of the baby safe.

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Final Verdict between the Babytrend VS Chicco Bravo car seat review 2020!

Both products have been thoroughly designed using the industry’s best materials and standards. Both ensure a reliable experience. One has some features missing in the other while the other may have certifications absent in the first.

So, here the final verdict to choose one product is difficult as it depends on the customer’s personal choice as to what features they are looking for and what accurately fulfills their demands. So, leaving this verdict to you is better so you can choose the right product keeping in mind the beforementioned features, certifications, limitations, and cost as described in the detailed comparison.